Tommaso Ciampa Confirms He Will Only Return To WWE NXT

Former NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa recently spoke with Sports Illustrated where he confirmed when he returns it will be to WWE NXT.

Of course, Ciampa was forced to vacate his NXT Championship due to his current neck injury, and it is his desire to regain that title that is making him want to return to the black and yellow brand.

“I don’t know if people think I’m going to Raw or SmackDown, but here’s a spoiler, I’m not,” said Ciampa. “I’m going to NXT. If someone tells me anything else, I’m answering them with a no. I bleed black and gold. NXT is home. And I have unfinished business there. I didn’t lose the title. Storyline or not, entertainment or not, that title meant the world to me. I was ‘The Guy’ for NXT, the hottest brand in the entire world. I came through knee surgery and two shoulder surgeries to get to that point. That’s what I worked my entire career for, so giving up the title is not how I envisioned it ending. I am the best sports entertainer in the world. I always hear, ‘Sports entertainer? You’re a sell-out!’ Call me a sell-out if you want. I’m buying in. This is my brand. NXT is mine.”

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NXT In 60 Seconds for July 3 and 10, 2019

Breezus returned to Full Sail against Strong competition
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July 3

Aliyah: comes out with her work wifey
Nigel McGuinness: uses this to launch into some of Queen’s One Vision, already making this a great show
Mia Yim: comes out to a good pop
Full Sailors: Mia! Mia! Mia! Mia!
Aliyah: dodges and mocks Mia, then takes her down and whirlybirds before slapping her in the back of the head a few times
Mia: trucks her Have you lost your mind? feints
Aliyah: gets two for flinching
Vanessa Borne: pulls her work wifey out of harm
Aliyah: works over the ribs for a bit
Mia: Tarantula! Into the middle buckle with you! Cannonball! Overhead belly to belly!
Aliyah: scrambles for support from Borne
Mia: Tope you both!
Mauro Ranallo: MIa Yim out here doing it for the children!
Mia: Hallaway slam! Poor Aliyah, why didn’t you Protect Ya GOTDamned Neck?!
Referee: Winner!
Vanessa: gets in Mia’s face on her way out
Mia: throws her into the stairs Who’s a lower now?! leaves, then hesitates at the ramp’s apex and heads for the announce I don’t need a mic to say this: Shayna has something I want – I’m not going away until it’s mine. I’m coming for the title, Shayna, and I’m coming to WHOOP THAT ASS!
Mauro: is noticeably taken aback
Mia: stomps off to the back

Queen Cathy: asks Master Regal about an update on Candice following Io’s heel turn
Master Regal: says she’s week to week like the rest of us aren’t at this point
the Forgotten Sons: arglebargle about wanting a title shot
Master Regal: notes they had one and got themselves DQed so they’re back in the queue
the Sons: swear revenge and that they won’t forget this
Queen Cathy: asks if Master Regal has another team in mind to face the champs
Master Regal: notes the champs offered up the Allied Strikers and that title match will occur next week (the next post for you guys)

Hypothetical ’80s TV Show Opening Voiceover: We now return you to THIS Fucking Guy, already in progress

KUSHIDA: comes out to a good pop
NPC: is clearly doomed
KUSHIDA: Handspring back elbow! Hiptoss to the cartwheel basement dropkick! PK to the arm! TAFKA Hoverboard Lock!
Referee: Winner!

Tyler Breeze: notes to Queen Cathy that every time the Era open their mouths they try to take credit for NXBreeze, his home before they ever came to Full Sail, and plans on shutting up Roddy in the evening’s main

Shane Strickland Isaiah “Swerve” Scott: ain’t nobody got his confidence, and winning the tournament will change his life

Trevor Lee Cameron Grimes: a North Carolina boy of 25 trained by the Hardys to be the best wrestler in the world and already has been at it for 11 years, says he’s the only one ready to win the tournament
Both: exchange some mat wrestling briefly
Sh–uh, Isaiah: ends that crap with a .6 Okada dropkick
Full Sailors: Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!
Isaiah: Second rope enzui Flashpoint!
Tre–Cameron, rather: snaps him into the middle rope and works over the neck Lariat!
Isaiah: Kickout! Kip up rana! Cartwheel splash! Rolling leaping Flatliner!
Cameron: Kickout! Backslide into a sitout powerbomb!
Isaiah: Kickout!
Cameron: Superman Flying Santana!
Isaiah: Leaping back kick!
Cameron: tries to recover on the floor
Isaiah: FOSBURY FLOP! Did I land on my feet? Well, would you look at that.
Full Sailors: Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!
Cameron: C R O C O P
Isaiah: Knee strike!
Cameron: SPANISH FLY HALLAWAY SLAM! Double stomp off the ropes!
Referee: Winner!

Bianca BelAir: comes out to a mixed reaction
NPC: is doomed
BelAir: piefaces her, shoves her, and piefaces her again
NPC: piefaces her and runs her mouth
BelAir: piefaces her back so hard her own earring comes off, then rips off the other one
Everyone In the Arena Seeing A Strong Intelligent Black Woman Getting Upset: oh no this is gonna be bad isn’t it
Ron Howard: It was, in fact, going to turn out to be quite bad.
BelAir: beats on her with hammer blows for half a minute, biels her, driving shoulders in the corner, then presses her overhead and gets squats in
Full Sailors With A Newfound Healthy Mix of Fear and Respect: EST! EST! EST! EST!
BelAir: Powerbomb! Deadlift powerbomb! Overhead buckle bomb! We can’t call it the Kiss of Death, but you know what it is.
Referee: Winner!
NPC: still dead

God’s Production Team: finds a cheap excuse to show Matt Riddle sweaty and glistening and manages to make a tax writeoff for next year; it’s why they’re God’s Production Team

Tyler Breeze and Roderick Strong: fight for superiority on the mat
Roddy: blocks an Unprettier but not a neckbreaker
Tyler: stompholes him in the corner
Referee: Hey, come on, man, you can’t be
Tyler: Don’t touch me!
Roddy: uses the quasi distraction to get the advantage Backplex backbreaker into the top of the stairs! Another into the barrier!
Full Sailors: Booo!
Roddy: stomps away on the back Modified Romero Special!
Tyler: gets out from under Jumping Owenzuigiri! Straightjacket spinning Lungblower!
Roddy: Kickout! Step up Owenuigiri! Superplex!
Tyler: Kickout!
Strong: Hold!
Tyler: upkick upkick upkick upkick upkick upkick!
Full Sailors: Let’s go Tyler! clap clap clapclapclap Let’s go Tyler! clap clap clapclapclap
Tyler: Supermodelkick!
Roddy: Kickout!
Both: trade strikes mid ring
Tyler: Owenzuigiri!
Bobby Fish: distracts
Tyler: supermodelkicks him too
Roddy: Owenzuigiri from the apron! End of Heartache!
Referee: Winner!
Tyler: tries to recover in the ring
Roddy and Not reDragon: celebrate on the ramp

July 10

RegalTron: alternates between Japanese letters in bold white on a blacked out background and what they mean in English
PA: plays an unfamiliar theme
Possible Seizures: trigged by bright white strobe lights
Full Sailors: You suck! You suck! You suck!
Io Shirai: comes out in all black like the Omen down to the leather pants
And Suddenly: my AC seems to have failed me
Full Sailors: Booooooooooooo! Io sucks! Io sucks! Io sucks!
Io: I don’t need any friends. I don’t need any of you breathing memes, either. Go run to the zoo so you can see your families. mic drop, rolls out of the ring and leaves

Velveteen Dream: to “the media” at this “press conference” Rumors and murmurs abound, and I know you have questions, so by all means.
Male Off-Camera Voice: Speculation to your next challenger abounds; do you have anyone specifically in mind?
V: The Dream did not approve that question; next question.
Very Familiar Female Off-Camera Voice: starts to ask her question
V: smiles, straightens up, takes off his signature sunglasses to get a better look at
Queen Cathy, obvi: Roderick Strong has called you out repeatedly, Dream: do you have a response?
V: With love and respect, Queen Cathy, you need to relax. This alleged Strong man is nowhere near ready or deserving enough to experience the Dream one on one. gives her a look because he knows someone in that room who has before and possibly will be moments from now
Queen Cathy: left her gloves behind or something, assuredly

Damian Priest: comes out
NPC: guess
DP: Kick! Release Falcon Arrow! Two lariats! Cyclone kick! the Reckoning of the Dice!
Referee: Winner!

BOA: has come to us from China and wants to represent it inside and outside of the ring, hoping to make them proud as a former jujitsu champion
ACH Jordan Myles: from Austin, doing this for 13 years, knows DMX lyrics, the opportunity is there for the taking

Full Sailors: Go go Myles! Go go Myles!
ACJ: goes for the handshake
BOA: bows
JM: bows back and smiles
Both: tussle on the mat
JM: Arabian armdrag! Steamboat standard! Cartwheel to a backflip into a basement dropkick! BALLIN’!
BOA: throws some kicks around BOAterfly suplex! Roundhouse kicks!
JM: Roundhouse corner kick flurry! Logroll! Discus corner lariat! 450!
Referee: Winner!
Angel Garza: got next

Shayna Baszler: I have the biggest target in NXT over my shoulder. Mia has a great story but it’s the most common story in fighting: if it wasn’t for [ x ] I’d be homeless or in jail blah blah blah; it’s going to take a little more than a great story to impress me, and anyone who faces me gets told the same story. They tap, nap or something goes snap.

Keith Lee: reflects on his turbulent first year at the PC, notes the need to make changes and go from limitless to infinite

Master Regal: announces KUSHIDA will face Apollo Crews (remember him?) next week

Street Profits and Allied Strikers: despite the high intensity pressure of a tag team championship match between teams who alternatively have Just Won The Big One for the first time and the other possibly taking their former place as perpetual Marinos, all adhere to the Code of Honor after the pops, championship lighting and introductions by New Kayla
Profits: get the advantage Double flapjack!
Oney: comes in for a save
Profits: double flapjack him on Burch, then Broken Arrow both of them at the same time
Strikers: huddle on the floor
Angelo: offers Burch another handshake
Burch: kicks him in the gut and gives him a Euro
Full Sailors: boo that specifically but don’t keep booing
Burch: 2nd rope stiff legged dropkick! Tag!
Strikers: Tandem Am/Brit legsweep! Double suplex!
Burch: after tagging back in Crossface!
Montez Ford: breaks it up with a PK to the back and goes back to the apron
Burch: glares at him
Ford: Yeah, I did it! And then what?!
Burch: glares a bit more then beats on Dawkins but misses a 2nd 2nd rope stiff legged dropkick
Ford: House a fire! Clotheslines! Spinebusters! Dropkicks! Backplex to kip up to standing moonsault!
Oney: Kickout!
Ford: Fine. Tag!
Dawkins: Cyclone splash!
Ford: I got until 5 on it, lemme get in on that!
Profits: Assisted Shiranui!
Oney: Kickout.
Profits: set up their Moneymaking Device
Oney: slips free of Ford and shoves him into Dawkins Tag!
Burch: Woo dropkick! Corner line and Owenzuigiri!
Oney: Half and halfplex!
Burch: PK! German suplex!
Ford: lands up close to his corner as a result and tags out
Nigel: immediately noticed this because of course he did
Dawkins: Dropkicks!
All 4: wipe out someone then get wiped out
Oney: fires off gunshot level chops
Ford: stops him with some kicks and sees Burch on the outside Tope con hilo!
Oney: Tope suici
Dawkins: Punch in the mouth! focuses on Burch, the legal man Spinebuster!
Ford: Five Crown Frog Splash! is also legal, covers
Referee: Winners!
Profits: celebrate mid ring after the replays
Not rEDragon: stroll out to the ramp and slow clap them
Profits: invite them into the ring
Not rEDragon: demur