WWE News: Injury Updates on AJ Styles and Sasha Banks

Last night’s WWE Royal Rumble event was met with mostly positivity from the WWE Universe, with many memorable moments coming out of the marquee event. It wasn’t all positive news however, as one of WWE’s biggest stars may have suffered a serious injury.

PWInsider is reporting that AJ Styles may have suffered a separated shoulder during the Rumble match. The injury occurred when Styles took a spear from the returning Edge, with Styles seemingly landing wrong after taking a flip bump. Styles stayed on the mat for several minutes with doctors and referees being seen checking on him, before finally getting up with his arm noticeably hanging at his side and being quickly eliminated.

Styles is expected to be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible to learn about the severity of the injury. The elimination of Styles was not planned to go how it went in the match, but they eliminated him due to his injury.

If Styles were to need surgery on the shoulder, he may be out for a long period of time. If it’s not at serious then AJ’s return to action could be a lot sooner.

Styles, unfortunately, is not the only WWE Superstar who is dealing with injury issues at the moment. Sasha Banks was noticeably absent from last night’s women’s Rumble match, as she was not medically cleared to compete. PWInsider is reporting that Banks has been dealing with what may be an ankle injury, but that has not been confirmed at this time. This has why in storyline her matches with Lacey Evans have been canceled in recent weeks.

Matt’s Musings: Sad news coming out of what was a fun and entertaining event. Hopefully, both Styles and Banks can get medically cleared to compete real soon, and return to the ring where they both belong.

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Sasha Banks’ WWE Royal Rumble Spot Reportedly Given To A Returning WWE Superstar

Conspicuous by her absence last night was Sasha Banks, who didn’t perform in the Royal Rumble match, and her spot was reportedly given to someone else.

Banks didn’t appear in the Rumble match or at ringside with Bayley during her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match, but there is currently no word on why that was the case.

There are rumors and speculation that Banks could be dealing with an injury right now, which might explain why her planned matches with Lacey Evans have been cancelled on WWE SmackDown over the past few weeks.

Interestingly, PWInsider.com is reporting that Banks was originally planned to be in the Rumble match, but her spot ended up going Kelly Kelly.

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