AEW Double or Nothing
May 25, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

>> You can watch the AEW Double or Nothing pre-show at this link. 

— Alex Marvez and Excalibur kick things off in front of a loud, sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. They run down tonight’s match card before throwing things to Justin Roberts in the ring, to introduce the Casino Battle Royale!


The first five competitors in the match are Dustin Thomas, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Michael Nakazawa, Sunny Daze and Brandon Cutler. MJF is already getting booed, while Nakazawa has a huge chant going for him.

MJF goes right after Dustin in the corner and beats him down, screaming something about “Lieutenant Dan” before doing the same to Cutler in the opposite corner.


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AEW Double or Nothing Press Conference Recap: Official Weigh-In, Young Bucks, Dustin Rhodes Sells The Damn PPV & More

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— Kylie Rae kicks off the night on stage and welcomes a friend to the ring from Denver, Colorado. He’s there to propose to his girlfriend! The crowd goes absolutely insane, and when she says “yes” everyone bursts into a massive “HOLY SHIT!” chant.

— Cody and Brandi Rhodes make their way to the stage to get thing started! Cody wants to talk about women’s wrestling and the 24/7 Championship, but Brandi stops him and asks if he has anything to say that the fans won’t turn into clickbait. So we’re taking some questions…

Q: Is there a Double or Nothing theme song? 

Yes! There are two!

Q: Is WWE still wishing you well in your future endeavors? 

“I’ve had some text messages that say otherwise” … “I hope they still wish that, because I wish them the best in their future endeavors.” Cody says AEW isn’t drawing any lines in the sand and he has no ill-will toward WWE at all.

— Brandi reminds us that Double or Nothing is the first ever “sensory inclusive” wrestling event, and she is actually now on the board of KultureCity. All proceeds from the “AEW is Awesome” shirts will go to support autism awareness and KultureCity.

— Sammy Guevara comes out and weighs in, and tells a fan in the crowd that his dad sucks d*cks. He says AEW put them on first tomorrow and that’s fine, because by the time they’re done they will regret not putting them on last. Kip Sabian weighs in and says he didn’t hear anything he said because Sammy’s non-existent facial hair looks ridiculous. The two shake hands, but Sammy takes a cheap shot and decks Kip, leaving him laying.

— The Young Bucks are here!

— Nick Jackson tells the story about how their dad built them a wrestling ring as teenagers and they fought and clawed their way through the business for years. He talked about all the times he wondered if his car would be repossessed, and going to buy groceries not knowing if his card would be accepted, but Matt keeping him in the wrestling business becoming they knew there was a future for them down the line.

— Dustin Rhodes is next to the stage. He says that nothing will ever top being able to perform at Double or Nothing tomorrow night. Cody wants to kill the Attitude Era, but Dustin says he considers himself the last outlaw of the Attitude Era, and he is not Old Yeller to be put down like an old dog. He’s been training his ass off, and if it’s his last ride he’s going to go out and give it his all. He takes off his jacket to reveal a shirt that says “Dusty’s Favorite” and says he’s the son that’s going to kick Cody’s ass tomorrow night.


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“ARN”: Live Coverage From Starrcast – Arn Anderson Tells All!

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— Arn talked about whether or not he missed being involved in pro wrestling. There are two times – when it really sucks and he wants to go in and fix it, and when it’s really good and the fans are excited.

— When Ole Anderson found himself without a tag team partner in Mid-Atlantic, after the expansion down into Georgia, it was actually Junkyard Dog who saw the resemblance with Arn and suggested putting them together.

— On working against Ronny Garvin and his insane popularity during his rivalry with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express: “I’ve never had as many grandmas try to kick the shit out of me!”

— Arn jokingly complained about having to start all of the WarGames matches because he spent half an hour getting his ass kicked and being bled dry, and then they’d save a crazy Road Warrior Hawk until last to come in and beat the hell out of everyone after they were already dead.

— “Tag matches are a beautiful thing. I don’t think you should be able to follow a world tag team championship match after 30 minutes, with the right four guys.”






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“An Evening With Cody & The Bucks”: Live Coverage From Starrcast

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Starrcast Presents: An Evening with Cody & The Bucks
May 23, 2019

Sean Mooney and Justin Roberts introduce us to our host this evening, the rookie member of the AEW commentary team, Alex Marvez! After talking about The Elite restoring his interest in pro wrestling he attempted to introduce tonight’s guests, but Fat Ass Masa came out instead and posed on the stage. Eventually Cody and the Young Bucks made their way out – we’re ready to go!

— Nick Jackson says Double or Nothing hasn’t “set in” for any of them yet. He thanks the fans for their support and believes they’ve found something special. Matt thought they were still “just a t-shirt company” until they showed up at the MGM Grand earlier in the day.

— Cody said there were already talks of putting something together before he ever took the infamous “bet” with Dave Meltzer on Twitter. He calls it the “exclamation point on a very long piece of history”, and believes they are “destined” to build this empire.

— Cody talked about his first conversation with Conrad Thompson about wanting to piggyback off the first ALL IN event because somebody was going to do it, and he wanted to do it without running any competing wrestling matches. The idea was Starrcast would be a home for the podcasts and the legends of the business, while what became AEW would be all about the next generation.

— QUESTION: How did you meet Tony Khan and how did he gain your trust? 

  • Matt said they work in a carny business and are used to B.S., but he looked up Tony and saw his family owned the Jacksonville Jaguars, and thought maybe they should pick up the phone. He said at the time he was in negotiations with another wrestling company (Nick joked that it was TNA, which got a good laugh). They finally spent an evening with him, and they realized he might be the biggest wrestling fan of all time.
  • Nick admitted that he straight-up didn’t think Tony was for real at first and told his brother to stop wasting his time.
  • Cody said starting a wrestling company costs a lot of money and is a tumultuous process. He told the story about Tony inviting him to a Jaguars game, and the photo getting out online, which the Bucks were furious about (we actually leaked that story – sorry Bucks!). He also talked about liking Tony and how he’s had different experiences with executives, including WWE’s George Barrios who “acts like he sold the house out” but never actually did anything.

— Cody said his contract with Ring of Honor was actually up a full two months before the Young Bucks, because he didn’t actually read the contract carefully, but he did a handshake agreement to stay on and hang out with his friends.

— There is “A LOT OF PYRO” at the MGM Grand right now.

— Nick said it’s a big difference that they’re not working with ROH and NJPW this time around. Everything is their vision this time, but it’s been so totally different, going down to the little things like having to figure out music licensing for entrances.

— Matt told a story about how Tony promised they would eventually get professional wrestling back on TNT, and him not believing him. Once it became a thing he called it the hardest secret he’s ever had to keep, to the point where he wanted to blurt it out to random strangers on the street.

— Cody Rhodes: “WWE’s television deal in the United Kingdom sucks compared to ours, and we haven’t had a single show!”

— On Double or Nothing, Cody says he’s most excited to get to watch his brother Dustin perform in front of the AEW fanbase. He said his relationship with his brother isn’t like the Young Bucks. There’s a lot of love, but a lot of issues. Cody didn’t want to face Dustin at WrestleMania, because he wanted to move on. There’s been a distance between them, but there’s only two of them left now and he’s glad people will get to see them work.

— Cody praised Kylie Rae and said she really is authentic, not playing a character. Said she isn’t a fake “inflatable arm-flailing tube-man” which of course got some buzz from the crowd.

— Cody jokes that he might have accidentally booked too many people for the Casino Battle Royale, but he’s sure they can find something to do with whoever it is. He also said he “didn’t do shit” for this battle royal this time around except book a few talents.

— Cody on going out to meet every single one of the fans because that’s the way wrestling used to be: “The barricade is there, but at no point was it supposed to be a wall. We’re supposed to be a f—ing family, man!”

— Nick was joking about how Shawn Spears revealed his battle royal placement card on Twitter, which he wasn’t supposed to do. Cody joked about there being too many rules and said “I booked 22 people for this 21 person match!” and hilariously said he “checked out” on the rules a long time ago.

— Nick said that Tony came to them and told them to pick all their favorite referees they’ve ever had, and now they have an incredible team of referee. Cody praises head official Paul Turner, saying that Paul has the say over which referees to get call which matches at Double or Nothing.

— QUESTION: Let’s talk about title belts! 

  • Nick: “Just watch the WWE product. Titles don’t mean anything. We want to put prestige back into wrestling. We’re not gonna have a 24/7 belt. If it’s the women, that can be a main event. If it’s a tag team, that can be a main event.”
  • Cody: “I love Mick Foley. He’s a living legend… But what the f— was he up there holding!? No thought was put into that thing. No thought.”
  • Matt: “I saw a draft of that title and I almost threw up.”
  • Cody: “I really felt bad for Mick. You gotta know in your soul, this isn’t good.”
  • Cody: “Should we say something good about them? Is Randy still working? I love Randy Orton.”

— QUESTION: Will AEW be a touring brand? 

  • Nick: “We are going to be touring all over the world!”

— QUESTION: Will the AEW partnership hinder potential business with NJPW?

  • Cody said they want to be friends with everyone. Old heat and rivalries don’t matter to them.
  • Nick said they had negotiations with ROH and NJPW right before they announced the company. They really are willing to work with everyone.

— Cody Rhodes said they got the “bears” back. He told a story about a creative pitch he came up where where Bernard and Bury would go away in the winter because… well, because they’re bears and they hibernate. But then in the spring they would could back and have little bear suits, and they would fly, and there would be a whole collection of bears. “Needless to say Ring of Honor did not love the pitch.”

— QUESTION: Will CM Punk ever be in AEW? 

  • Nick thinks CM Punk is done with wrestling for good.
  • Cody says wrestling fans never gave up on him. The door will always remain open for him.

— QUESTION: How will you reach the casual fan?

  • Cody: “Each and everyone one of you. It’s not about capturing the fan that wants the Attitude Era to return, it’s about pleasing the fans that we have now,” so they go out and generate more fans.

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“Remembering Owen Hart”: Live Coverage From Starrcast – Hall of Famers Appear, Owen’s Best Backstage Ribs & More

Starrcast Presents: Remembering Owen
May 23, 2019

This event was put together after the Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat panel had to be postponed. It’s fitting, as Owen Hart passed away on this day, exactly 20 years ago.

You can order the ENTIRE Starrcast weekend package through FITE TV.

— We’re live! Tony Schiavone kicked things off by introducing New Japan Pro-Wrestling star, Davey Both Smith Jr., who is the great-nephew of Owen Hart. Also joining the panel are three genuine WWE Hall of Famers – the “Worlds Strongest Man” Mark Henry, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross!

— Jim Ross said said that on the night Owen died, everyone in the back was handling the situation in their own way. Some were weeping, screaming, hugging, but he and King had to stay on commentary and couldn’t go anywhere. He recalls that all he wanted to do at the time was leave, but he couldn’t.

— Mark Henry recalled that Owen was traveling in a car with him and Dwayne Johnson at the time. He had to go to the car to get all of his things, but the ambulance had already left so he went to the production office thing he was still alive. He remembers multiple paramedics “working non-stop” trying to save him.

— Mark Henry: “Bret was the older brother, but Owen got more attention in the back. No one was safe from Owen’s ribs. I watched him for two hours take a nap on the floor, right in the middle of everybody. Every now and then he’d wake up and [makes a “Hulking Up” motion]and then fell back asleep. Finally at one point somebody made a real loud noise, and he just started this huge comeback. Both hands going and he finally stood up, and the whole locker room [exploded]. He turned the whole locker room into kids.” 

— King told a story about the infamous Car Wars back in the day, where wrestlers would try to find each other on the highway and throw things out the window. The goal was, if you can make them pull-over, you win. There was a story about them bringing dozens of eggs in the car and some of their other shenanigans. He also told a story about when Owen just pulled the plug from the production truck on Raw, just for fun.

— J.R. said once he had to talk to wrestlers who were allegedly doing cocaine backstage, and Owen walked up to him, staggering, acting completely drunk, white white powder all over his face. Apparently, he had smeared a powdered donut all over his face…

— King: “I don’t think Owen Hart ever paid for a meal on the road!”

— Mark Henry said that Owen would take bottles of lotion and put it all across the edges of people’s windshield wipers. Later on when when they were on the road he’d spray water on their cars, so when they went to wipe it away their entire windshield was covered in lotion. “At least ten times, I thought somebody was gonna die!”

— Mark Henry remembered the time they did the first ever Hog Pen match. They were backstage and some guys started bringing in all these animals in cages. Live animals. And they had the misfortune of asking Owen Hart if he knew where they went… Owen led them all the way to the back and had them put all the animals in Vince McMahon’s office!

— A fan asked if Owen needed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the sake of his legacy. Mark said his legacy “was already Hall of Fame”. Davey Boy Smith Jr. said that both Owen and his father are “conspiculously absent” but he believes one day it will happen.

— Jim Ross: “I’m in three Hall of Famers, and nobody ever talks about two of them. Until Owen is in the Hall of Fame, that Hall of Fame isn’t right.”

— A fan asked who they’d love to see Owen work against from the modern era. Jim Ross instantly said AJ Styles, and also said a heel Chris Jericho would make a great opponent.

— King talked about his old Memphis days, about how he was a heel in WWE but a babyface in Memphis, and how they would send down Bret Hart and Owen Hart to work with them. They had a great cage match between him and Bret, where Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart and Giant Gonzalez all got involved. King claims that it was actually the start of the heel Mr. McMahon character because Vince saw how much fun they were having, came down to Memphis and managed Bret as the top heel at the time.

— Mark Henry said that Owen Hart was really the guy that sat him down after matches and taught him, as well as Dwayne Johnson, how to start working on their mistakes and get better. He genuinely wanted to help people sure up the gaps in their performances to make the whole show as good as possible.

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Backstage News On Why Pac Was Pulled From ‘Double or Nothing’ & Original Plans For AEW’s First World Champion

All Elite Wrestling announced earlier this week that one of its marquee matches for this Saturday’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, pitting Hangman Page against Pac, has been pulled from the highly anticipated event.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has a large story on the situation this week, claiming that the original plans for Double or Nothing would see Pac defeating Page, setting up a match between him and Kenny Omega down the line to determine the first ever AEW World Champion.

Pac is also the current Dragon Gate Open The Dream Gate Champion, which is the Japanese promotion’s top singles title, and has made it well known to other promotions that he takes his role very seriously, and will not be losing to anyone while he holds said title.

While rumors began circulating earlier this week that Pac was pulled from the match because he refused to “do the job” for Hangman, the reality is that he was booked to go over at Double or Nothing. The real issue, reportedly, is that AEW officials found out that Dragon Gate will likely not be taking their title off Pac in the near future, which messes with their long-term plan of having Kenny Omega beat him to win the AEW World Championship.

There were other options, like doing a draw or letting Pac go over in the match against Hangman, and finding a new opponent to face Omega, but none of them ultimately panned out. There are issues with the draw or DQ route, and Tony Khan reportedly attended the recent Pac/Ospreay match in the UK and witnessed the crowd react negatively to the time-limit draw.

One of the things most frequently talked about when it comes to the long-term creative vision of AEW is that they want wins and losses to “matter”, which means they’ll be presenting a more sports-oriented product. Hangman will obviously be one of the top stars, and it wasn’t worth it to the promotion to mess up their long-term planning, so the decision was made to run an angle in the UK earlier this week.

Essentially Hangman showed up in the UK to answer Pac’s open challenge, and they had the match they were supposed to have at Double or Nothing. Pac low blowed the referee to force the DQ, then beat down Hangman badly after the match and injured his leg. He then claimed his goal was to hurt him, and with that accomplished he had no need of AEW anymore.

So that simultaneously takes care of the reason for the match not taking place at Double or Nothing, sets up a rematch at any time in the future if they can make it happen, and writes Pac off the promotion for the time being. It’s expected that he basically won’t have anything to do with AEW until he drops the Dragon Gate title.

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May 21st, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for

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