Charlotte Flair Responds To Criticism Of Her Booking: “I Lose More Than Any Female”

The Queen, Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Gary Cassidy of where she responded to people who are critical of her booking.

Many people often complain about Flair being booked as the top tier female talent due to the fact she is already a 10 time Women’s Champion. However, as she pointed out in the interview, Flair’s win/loss record is actually not that impressive.

“If you look at my stats, I have THE HIGHEST losing record out of anyone on the roster. It’s just, ‘Oh, it’s Charlotte Flair,’”

Flair went on to say she believes that her consistency is a detriment to herself as she is always around with fans not getting the chance to miss her.

“I think a detriment to me, which is also a positive, is I am consistent. I am consistent, I am never hurt, I am always here. It’s almost like, ‘Yes, that is awesome,’ but at the same time, it’s like, I’ve never had the opportunity for the fans to miss me, but that’s what people forget. It’s like, yes, I won a match this week – Oh, my God, I won a match – but they’re like… “Oh, she wins all the time.” But that’s not been the case. Actually I’ve, like you said, lost more matches than probably any female booked currently. It’s crazy. I think it’s the stigma of the name and always being in the title picture – but I’m consistent and a workaholic. It’s a good thing and a bad thing, you know?”

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WrestleMania Predictions

So I have come up and read a lot of predictions for this years WrestleMania and I just wanted to share them. Just to put it out there, these aren’t confirmed they might or might not happen.

1. So this first one is my prediction; Carmella is going to cash in during the match between Charlotte and Asuka. But she’ll fail with interference from Asuka, and she’ll go on to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship putting her on SmackDown Live

2. Another one of mine; John Cena is going to call out the Undertaker once again and this time he’ll answer or he might try it on the Raw after WrestleMania. I’ve also read somewhere that this might be Johns way of retiring.

3. This one I have found on many peoples Instagrams, Tumblrs and YouTube channels; That Dean Ambrose is going to either interfere with the 3 way match between Seth, Finn and The Miz. Making Dean heel and having The Miz run as the longest Intercontinental Champion. OR Seth wins it making him a grand slam champ but Dean comes out to celebrate with him and then betray him.

4. This one is one of mine; Jeff Hardy is going to come back at WrestleMania as Brother Nero but instead of uniting with Broken Matt Hardy, they’d create another feud.

5. I’ve read this one on Instagram; The Riott Squad and Absolution are going to have an epic feud instead of ignoring each other like at the Royal Rumble. But the feud will last mostly on screen till SummerSlam with some interference on each show from the other.

6. This one I think would just be really cool; Gallows and Anderson turn their back on Finn and attack him and AJ Styles comes to Finns rescue along side Nakamura.

7. This one I’ve dreamed about since she retired; Brie Bella makes her comeback to the WWE alongside her husband Daniel Bryan. And then is joined alongside her twin sister Nikki on the following Raw.

8. I’ve read this a couple places; Bayley wins the Fabulous Moolah Women’s Battle Royal and turns heel on Banks.

9. Now this one was supposed to be an April Fools Joke but a lot of people including me really want to see this happen; CM Punk makes his return back to the WWE. And a really cool match I’d kill for, CM Punk and AJ Lee vs. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Those are some predictions and I can’t wait to see which ones come true and which ones don’t.