Bray Wyatt Teases ‘Healing’ Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt has taken to Twitter today to tease the idea of potentially ‘healing’ his former tag team partner, Matt Hardy.

Hardy has been used sparingly within WWE over the past few months, and speculation is constant about what will happen in his future. Hardy’s contract expires in the near future, and he has made it clear that he believes he has more to offer the industry.

One name who clearly hasn’t forgotten about him is Bray Wyatt. The two men are former rivals and WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, with Wyatt tweeting out that he would never hurt Matt.

He added that he could heal him, as Matt did for him, pointing out that when the world threw him away, Matt was the only one offering to pick him up.

You will also notice that Bray has used several capital letters at random points. Those letters spell out “Let Me In.”

This tweet from Wyatt came in a response to one that Matt himself did previously, where he asked whether “He” would hurt or heal him.

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Year End Sorting Bins: Eh, If I Must

The definition of “he’s not going anywhere so deal”
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The Year End Sorting Bins continue with the next group up. Begrudging Toleration belong to the folks whom I don’t like much but will allow to infiltrate my wrestling viewing experience enough that I won’t throw a milkshake containing fast-drying concrete at them*. Maybe they can be serviceable in the ring against someone I like. Maybe they’re good wrestlers who are annoying elsewhere. Or maybe they’re really bad at one thing but inoffensive at another. Who knows. Anyway, here goes:

SANADA – SANADA is one of the many topics that the Wrestling Twitter discourse has poisoned, and although it’s not entirely fair, I do see where the opposition to him has a point. A big point. I don’t think he’s that great a wrestler, or at least he’s not a wrestler I enjoy watching most of the time. I know that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be pushed, obviously. People like him for whatever reason. Some people like his work. The act of wrestling is varied, and not everyone’s styles appeal to everyone. Also, you can’t understand how much of a role thirst plays in fandom. People like him because they’re horny for him, and that’s okay. But I think it’s okay for people not to find him all that appealing. The maturity in being a wrestling fan is knowing that any company you like will push people that you don’t quite like. SANADA isn’t egregious, but he’s not exactly the guy I think should be carrying a torch in 2020. And that’s okay too.

Brandi Rhodes – I can’t spare the same vitriol for her as I do Stephanie McMahon even though she is trying to be a copy of a copy. I think a lot of the hate for Rhodes bubbles out from people who go YAS SLAY KWEEN to the McMahon heiress because of racism or whatever. But my god, she’s always the worst part of any Dynamite she’s on.

The Fiend – I don’t care how fearsome he comes off now. I can’t look at him without thinking that WWE is gonna fuck him up again and also that he spent child support money on ponies for his paramour.

AJ Styles – Once upon a time, Styles was a premiere worker, and now that he’s seemingly lost that edge, what’s left to root for with him? He’s still decent and can be adequate at least, and the memories of him being elite are tantalizing though. Just don’t let me hear him talk about how great WWE is or, y’know, The Gay Community?!?!

Bea Priestley – She’s the same head-ass as her boyfriend which is why she’s here and not in a better bin, but she’s better at wrestling than he is at least. She may be redundant since Jaime Hayter is better than everything she does. That being said, I hate that she gets crap for being sloppy because of who she is.

Charlotte Flair – Look, I love that she’s living the dream with Andrade, but it feels like even after I’m done watching WWE, her spectre looms over my online wrestling experience in ways that just haunt me. I didn’t even think she was good enough to warrant it in the first place.

Dominic Dijakovic – Maybe don’t do a White Supremacy gimmick on Twitter trying to get it approved by the bosses, because you know they’re gonna approve it?

Flash Morgan Webster – I don’t know much about him except that some of my friends like him, but also, that he had Bram on his podcast once.

Mauro Ranallo – I feel bad for him for all the bullying he goes through working for a company that doesn’t give a shit about him unless he were to punch someone in the face. That being said, I’m not sure I think him screaming a hip-hop reference at a big spot not because it’s organic but because he has to get his shit in is the right way to go.

Pete Dunne – He’s a phenomenal wrestler, but honestly, him cheerleading WWE’s gutting and stripping of the British indie scene? Yeah, that ain’t it.

Natalya Neidhart – Look, I get that she broke through an era where women were treated like total dirt instead of patronized, and being pushed despite never being over in the last five years isn’t her fault. That’s all I’ll say about her because she lost her dad this year and I don’t necessarily hate her so.

Braun Strowman – I used to love Strowman, man. But it was clear that the common denominator in all his great matches were one Big Dog. Again, the booking isn’t his fault, but it’s like with Will Ospreay. You can be bad at wrestling but you can’t be bad at wrestling and also take pictures at home with war criminal George W. Bush.

Michael Cole – He’s a technically good commentator, sure. I wish the All Elite Wrestling commentators would take cues from him, to be honest. He’s laser-focused on getting stories over, and he might be the only reason why anyone thinks WWE has coherent stories. That being said, like, give the hyperbole a rest, for fuck’s sake.

Trent Seven

Britt Baker – I get it, she’s a dentist.

Jay White – Bookending it with the two New Japan guys who are super over in their roles isn’t a mistake; White is insanely good at drawing boos from the crowd. It’s undeniable, and it’s a great talent to have. But every single one of his matches where Hirooki Goto isn’t whipping him like a government mule are just so… hollow. Again, every fed has people who get pushed you don’t like. But that doesn’t mean one should be quiet about them.

And The Rest: Bobby Lashley, Forgotten Sons, Riddick Moss, Rusev, Kona Reeves, Alexa Bliss, Tamina Snuka, Bo Dallas, Mansoor, Jinder Mahal, Dio Maddin, WALTER, Austin Theory, Lana, Jake Hager, Christian Casanova, Richard Holliday, Milk Chocolate, Nigel McGuinness, Stevie Richards, Robbie Eagles, Toa Henare, Chase Owens, El Phantasmo, Jay Lethal, The Briscoes, Matt Taven, Konnan, Vampiro, Frank Mir

* – These do not exist. Fuck you Andy Ngo, you fascist propagandist. Maybe don’t give kill lists to Atomwaffen.