September 17th, 2019

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Sasha Banks Vs. The Reporters

Banks refuted a bad dirtsheet report that you should’ve sniffed out as phony from the get-go
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Sasha Banks returned from her what is now known as a self-imposed hiatus from WWE the night after SummerSlam. While she was gone, people went on rumors and whispers thinking she was unhappy with the company. It turns out that wasn’t the case, for better or worse. Even I bought the rumors to an extent. However, one of the more pernicious whispers said that she left in a hissy-fit after carrying on along with Bayley on the locker room and hotel room floors because they were booked to lose the Women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. The two proponents of that report were Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin and self-styled wrestling scoopster at-large, Brad Shepard.

Banks made no overtures to confirm or deny those reports until an episode of Chronicle aired on WWE Network Saturday night for the first time. Banks spoke on the supposed incident and asked for the people who reported on it to produce video or audio proof. It was an emphatic denial. Satin at the time claimed that “a few sources” told him. If I had to guess, it was Lana and Alexa Bliss who gave that info, but that’s only as speculative as the reports about Banks and Bayley after their Mania loss.

Now, the converse of the issue isn’t that maybe Satin and Shepard were right, but that this is another case of a person with more power and influence punching down at people who aren’t worth the time of day, much like when Peyton Royce rallied the troops to dump on Dave Meltzer when he said WWE pushed her to “be hotter” before she made the main roster and then commented on the change in look. Honestly, I don’t see it as similar to that situation, although Meltzer’s lack of awareness was bound to get him in trouble sooner rather than later. It’s just a shame it was in that situation and not from when he along with Jim Ross callously accused Tomoaki Honma’s partner of making up abuse allegations.

In this case, Satin and ESPECIALLY Shepard have track records of targeting POC and female wrestlers for no other reason than bigotry. Satin’s coverage of WWE is way more access-based than anyone except perhaps another stooge in Justin Barrasso. Also, he was one of the cavalry coming to the defense of Michael Elgin when the person he abused and that one of his students raped came looking for justice. Shepard, on the other hand, is way out of pocket on his bullshit. As far back as 2016, he went in on Kofi Kingston celebrating a milestone because he thought Kingston was playing “the race card.” In recent history, he’s come down hard on women’s wrestling, criticizing WWE’s push of it, not for reasons like “they’re not serious about it” and “it feels like tokenism,” but “women are inferior and boring.” And what does he have to hang his hat on? Breaking the return of the XFL? A football league? He’s got a worse track record than literally anyone who self-styles as a reporter.

But what is the value of a wrestling report? A certain sect of Wrestling Twitter gives so much respect and credence to reporting that is only accurate when reporting on things the companies give as press releases, and better preference is given to having it first rather than having it right. It’s how Shepard can use getting one non-wrestling piece of news concerning a wrestling personality to catapult himself to being a newsman who basically only uses his bully pulpit to spew grotesque sexism. Is that really what should really have value? If Shepard were right more than once every never, would his ghastly opinions be more valid? This is a question some people have to ask themselves.

That’s the biggest reason why Banks potentially punching down in this case might not be the worst thing. Then again, she didn’t mention the people by name. Even if she did, would a dogpile on a gross misogynist like Shepard, who doubled down on bashing Banks in his response and slammed Satin for issuing an apology, be such a bad thing? The worst thing would be Banks using the media arm of a company that has done things a billion times worse than even Shepard has done, and I get that. I also like seeing gross people get what’s coming to them. Maybe it’s for the best that Banks didn’t mention him by name. Maybe Shepard will catch a ban from Twitter or something else that he deserves.

The reality is that the people running news sites and reporting on wrestling don’t do a good enough job to be as transparently awful as people, but then again, how much do you have to get right to warrant the levels of putridity that someone like Shepard displays on a regular basis? How many stories do you have to break in order to get a pass for enabling an abuser and the rapist he’s protecting like Satin? The real answer is nothing excuses that, but sadly, if you tell people what they want to hear in terms of “backstage gossip,” those levels of accuracy can fall way lower than 100 percent. Still, the fact that they’d bite on an obviously phony-sounding story about two POC female wrestlers shows their asses a lot, and it shows the asses of everyone who bought it without question as a smear of either one of those two wrestlers.

Sasha Banks Tells Becky Lynch Every Man Answers To Their Boss

Following their brawl at WWE Clash Of Champions, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch have continued their feud on social media with a war of words.

Becky Lynch shared an image of herself with the title saying that Sasha fans are just like her, and now they can all cry as well, to which Banks responded saying that every man has to answer to their boss, adding that it is time for her to clock out.

The Legit Boss then went on to state that she still got the winners check, while Bayley also chimed in stating that Lynch cheated.

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Becky Lynch Takes A Shot At Bayley For Not Being Part Of FOX’s SmackDown Live Advertisement

FOX has begun sharing plenty of advertisement for the upcoming debut of SmackDown Live, however, Becky Lynch was quick to use this to her advantage.

None of the images used featured the current SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Bayley, instead the images featured both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

The Man then took to Twitter to mock Bayley for not being included, telling her that she is doing amazing.

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The Four Horsewomen: The Most Valuable Team in WWE? – by Mike Sanchez

This Sunday at Clash of Champions, there will be two WWE Women’s Title matches that will see Bayley defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against the nine-time champion, Charlotte Flair. On the same show, “The Man” Becky Lynch will defend her Raw Women’s Title against a rejuvenated Sasha Banks.

I doubt either match will top the bill as the ‘Main Event’, but I’m looking forward to them and predict both contests will be of very high quality. All four participants have been showcased well on TV in recent weeks, and they’re all excellent athletes who will undoubtedly deliver on the night. I’ll save any predictions, as I’m honestly happy with any outcome. It got me thinking, are the Four Horsewomen of WWE the most valuable team in the company? And are they collectively carrying their entire division?

Step back in time to 2018 and there was one woman who sat on the top of the WWE Women’s pyramid – Ronda Rousey. Rousey was an excellent and shrewd acquisition by WWE. They signed probably the most well-known female MMA fighter ever and one of UFC’s biggest stars in their history. She’d suffered defeats at the end of a stellar career in UFC and looked to take the next step in her life. WWE saw this opportunity and swooped to pick up this star attraction. I was one of those fans who was very excited to see what WWE would do with such a talent and though I, like many others, had reservations about her ability to learn how to be professional wrestler, she picked it up as naturally as Kurt Angle did when he arrived. Sometimes talent shines through and if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

The issue with Rousey being top of the pile – and being a very credible, dominant and believable champion from SummerSlam to WrestleMania – was that it stifled the rest of the roster. Over on Smackdown, Asuka was being pushed, but the momentum behind Charlotte, Becky and others means she stood on unsteady ground and soon lost her title before slipping down the pecking order. Rousey, however, stood firm and fended off all challengers until the momentum behind a reignited Becky Lynch in the early part of 2019 saw the champion toppled and off our screens to hopefully take time with her husband and start a family. Therefore, post-Wrestlemania, the new guard had been dethroned and the Four Horsewomen began to rise again.

Becky Lynch was at the forefront of this rise and although she dropped the Smackdown Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair (who held the belt for just under five minutes before Bayley cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase), Lynch has been a mainstay on Raw and like Rousey before her, has defeated all challengers. The introduction of the Women’s Tag Titles allowed the women’s division to breathe and expand outside of two titles, however they haven’t been as successful as WWE would have liked and the lengthy reigns with minimal defenses haven’t helped either. Only in recent weeks did WWE move away from the ‘newer’ women in the company holding the titles and opted to put them on the more recognizable faces on the roster. Alexa Bliss has done a fine job in pushing the titles and bringing Nikki Cross along for the ride, but even that hasn’t jostled the top tier of women wrestlers form their position.

To be fair to WWE, they have tried to improve the division; Natalya has been superb in putting over the other women and they’ve given Lacey Evans a fair crack at the whip, although her push appears to be on the wane of late. The IIconics (Billie Kay & Payton Royce) were given the Women’s Tag Team titles, capturing the new belts from the inaugural champs, Bayley and Sasha, Banks at Wrestlemania. The IIconics held the titles for 120 days, yet I struggle to recall any of their defenses. Asuka disappeared from the title picture and has yet to return, while others on the roster such as Ember Moon, Tamina, Mandy Rose, Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville have rare forays at the top of the women’s card if any at all. WWE seems firm on the idea that the trusted members of that roster are Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

That isn’t a criticism of WWE at all, but the fact is they’re blessed with four of the most talented women in professional wrestling right now. Each has their own unique look, style, move-set and approach. They’re way above average than most on the mic, although I think Bayley is bottom of that small list, but improving. That being said, Bayley and Lynch are natural faces in the company. Bayley has a connection with younger fans and has a huge following from children and young girls in particular. She’s smiley, colorful and playful. Her recent descent to the dark side notwithstanding, she is a draw for a big demographic of the WWE fanbase.

Lynch was catapulted into the next level after her fracas with Nia Jax (and attack on Rousey that same night) that saw ‘The Man’ character be born. Her unending quest to be crowned champion was a well thought out story that carried over several months and culminated in her victory at Wrestlemania. Her recent engagement to Seth Rollins (arguably the biggest name on Raw right now) only serves to raise her profile both inside and outside of WWE.

Both Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks took a back seat post-Mania and didn’t enjoy the push their former NXT colleagues did. Charlotte is not someone who can be kept quiet or away from the spotlight for too long. She’s arguably the most talented of the group and has the pedigree and championship history to prove it. She’s a natural heel who comes across as arrogant, entitled and determined, yet is a fully believable champion and every bit as dominant as Lynch or Rousey.

Sasha Banks has returned from a hiatus to become her best persona, a heel. Banks is a popular character, but her best work is as the bad girl foil to a babyface. Her NXT run was spectacular and she is a great worker. I believe WWE is doing the right thing by pushing her in that direction once more. It’s apparent that WWE is focusing on the foursome going into 2020 with little to stop their momentum. They’re a tight-knit group and I don’t foresee anyone challenging their spots anytime soon.

What does the future hold for the Four Horsewomen? Are they set to be dominant for the next five years or more? I think they’re comfortably top of the pile for now, but WWE aren’t daft and know they’ll need to bring through the next group of women to challenge them, rather than rely on another Ronda Rousey. NXT is the breeding ground of great talent and none more so than their women’s division. Though perhaps not just yet, WWE can’t be far away from considering main roster debuts for Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim and more.

The present may belong to the Four Horsewomen, but the future is far from certain. It’s up to them to continue to prove they’re the best and we know they’re up to the challenge.

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