AEW Set To Air On Tape Delay In The West Coast

Despite some belief that it would air live, it has now been confirmed that AEW will, in fact, be airing on a tape delay in the West Coast.

What this means is that AEW will actually still be going head-to-head with NXT because WWE’s product is also being shown on a tape delay in the West Coast.

Fans in the West Coast will be able to find a live feed if they have DirectTV, as that carries an East Coast feed for the entire nation, the TNT app also offers the same for those who don’t want to wait.

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Adam Cole Discusses Competing Against AEW

WWE NXT Champion, Adam Cole recently spoke with FOX Sports about the upcoming Wednesday night wars as NXT competes with AEW and more. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On NXT growing as a brand:

“NXT has grown so much,” said Cole. “Before people would call it a developmental brand and now without a doubt, it is the third brand of WWE. This move to the USA Network really proves that NXT is the third brand. Some people used to call moving to RAW or SmackDown moving up and to me now it is just moving.”

On competing on Wednesday nights:

“I can tell you this,” Cole explained. “I don’t mean to speak for them, but I have a strong feeling this is how they feel, because I know at NXT we have a strong focus on making sure it is the best possible show that we can make it on Wednesday’s and that’s all we have the energy to focus on.

“And I’m sure those guys feel the exact same way. So, in turn, of course, it’s exciting for the wrestling fans, they get to compare, to watch both events, which is awesome, but they’re focused on making sure their show rules and I know we’re focused on making ours rule. And in turn, it’s really exciting for everybody.”

On NXT standing out:

“There are small differences in RAW to SmackDown, small differences in SmackDown to NXT, and that’s why I think having three brands is exciting, because whatever style if wrestling you’re into, whatever type of wrestling you like, you get all of that with WWE now.

“So it’s important those brands stay true to who they are separate from the other shows.”

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The Young Bucks Discuss AEW UK TV Deal, “I Wish I Could Shout What I Know”

The Young Bucks recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT where they discussed the situation regarding AEW being showcased in the UK.

Currently, there is nothing announced in regards to AEW being shown in the UK, which is something many fans hope to see change and the AEW Executive Vice Presidents discussed the ongoing situation.

Matt Jackson told Alex,  “I wish I could shout what I know from the rooftops,” with the brothers not wanting to confirm that something would be in place by the first episode.

The brothers didn’t give away too many details but did confirm that the UK is a very valuable market for them, and it seems like it is a pressing matter for the company right now.

Currently, there is nothing in place for WWE NXT to air live in the UK either, making this a big opportunity for AEW to have an advantage in the Wednesday night wars.

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Kylie Rae Returns to Action Tonight at Freelance Wrestling in Chicago

Kylie Rae returned to action tonight, subbing in for Shotzi Blackheart in her match against Isaias Velazquez at Freelance Wrestling in Chicago.

Kylie wrestled a Fatal 4-Way match at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view back in May, and had what was believed to be her farewell to the indies with Freelance on June 14.

On August 31 immediately following AEW All Out, also in Chicago, Tony Khan informed members of the media that she had requested and been granted her release from the promotion, effective immediately.

Publicly, the reason for her sudden departure remains unknown, but a fan who attended tonight’s Freelance show live noted to us that she seemed “elated” and “overcome with emotion” at times, especially after the match. Fans reportedly gave her a tremendous welcome home, and it was a great moment for everyone.

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Killer Kross Comments on What’s Next for Him, AEW, WWE NXT, His Influences and More

Killer Kross has had an interesting couple of years in the wrestling business. He became known on Lucha Underground and then he quickly rose the ranks in Impact Wrestling to be one of their top guys. Currently, he’s in a bit of state of limbo due to a contract dispute with Impact.

Chris Van Vliet, who is an excellent Entertainment reporter out of Miami and a wrestling interviewer extraordinaire, talked to Killer Kross about a number of different subjects recently and sent along this recap. The video will be posted below and you can subscribe to Chris’ Youtube channel here.

His Thoughts On AEW:

“I watched the AEW show live in Vegas and I’m not saying this because I think I’m supposed to say it, in all sincerity, I was really blown away by it because there was just a different energy to the show, in a good way. I’ve said this before but I just think it needs to be said, with all the different tools we use to illicit and engage an emotional response from an audience when we go out there, from putting our bodies on the line to the execution of the story, sincerity, energy, listening to the fans during the match, timing, everything. There was like people literally weeping in the audience; Cody vs Dustin. You can’t like orchestrate that, that’s not something you can pre-plan. Putting things together you can’t be like ‘And at this point the audience is going to cry.’ That was amazing to actually be around, I don’t think I’ve been at a wrestling event in the audience where that’s happened. It was just awesome. I think with the direction that they’re going in with TNT and I think that with the flexibility that I’ve heard they are offering creatively, I definitely think there are somethings that I could do there and creatively get out that it just might not fly elsewhere. But ultimately I’m not married to go in any specific direction for any company right now, it’s even difficult to think about, it’s stressful to think about just because of the other things that are associated with it.”

Would going to NXT or WWE change how his character is portrayed?

“I’m in a place right now where I feel like it won’t really matter where I go, I’m going to be able to do what I’m doing in any way shape or form. I’ve hit a really cool peak creatively with things, I know how to lay things out differently so it will work on any platform. People haven’t seen me do that yet and there’s a reason why, because I’m saving it for perhaps a direction that I finally go in.”

On His Approach To Pro Wrestling:

“One thing that I really have always tried to do is create an emotional engagement and a response, to understand the purpose of what we are really doing out there and for me it’s always been to illicit emotion and engage people with the art of storytelling, the oldest stories in the world, light vs dark, good vs evil and so forth. I grew up in that time when 80s horror films, and early 90s horror films, they didn’t make sense and that was unsettling. Remember how things used to be? I think that that really scared people because in life, the things that really bother us are the things that create uncertainty. It’s like you’ve been walking down this street your entire life, you know exactly where everything is, and then one day you walk down and everything is different. It’s just something as simple as that, it freaks people out, they feel displaced. So, I’ve always tried to create that kind of atmosphere in what I’ve been doing.”

On What Wrestlers Inspired Him Growing Up:

“A lot of people will always throw out one name for a political reason. Like, a lot of the guys in the business will say that their favorite wrestler was a specific person because they are afraid they are going to get heat from someone who is above them being like ‘Why would you mention that guys name? He never drew any money’ you know? I really had a tonne of favorites but not to be redundant, I mentioned Warrior. As a child, I had a manic amount of energy. More so as a child, I could scale this wall. I just identified with high energy characters and back then, 80s and 90s, there was a lot of high energy stuff.”

On Separating Himself From Killer Kross:

“I’m not Killer Kross but Killer Kross is definitely a real thing and I think people would agree that when they go to the shows they are getting something very visceral, very carnal, and very real, in the way that we can use that word for this, out of him. So, we put him away until the music and the lights start.”

You can watch the full 30+ minute interview below.



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TNT Releases New “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” Trailer, Official Announcement And Second Poster

AEW and TNT confirmed that “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” will be the official name of their weekly TV show that premieres on Wednesday, October 2 from 8-10pm ET at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Below is a new “Dynamite” trailer released and the full announcement along with a second promotional poster that AEW Executive Vice… Read More TNT Releases New “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” Trailer, Official Announcement And Second Poster

STF Underground Episode 33! Rating The Four HorseWomen of The WWE, NXTonUSA Premiere Reactions, Young Bucks Post ALL OUT Interview

Welcome back to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode, the guys rank from worst to best the 4 horsewomen of the WWE! We also talk if Baron Corbin is deserving of the King of The Ring Crown, Analyze NXT’s debut on USA, & more.

PLUS, stay tuned for the AEW ALL OUT post show media scrum featuring the Young Bucks!


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