The Second Team for King of Trios Returns from Down Under

They’re back!
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Last year, the Australian trio of Mick Moretti, Jack Bonza, and Adam Hoffman, known collectively as the Ancient Order of the Nations, took their fight all the way to the finals before falling to The Colony. Their run was impressive, and they made a lot of fans, but Fire Ant and his young new stablemates would not be denied. Well, they’re back again to try and win the damn thing this year, announced as the second team to enter the fray and try to win wrestling’s biggest tournament.

Last year’s Trios was the first tournament held in the States of which I missed since 2008, the year before I got into Chikara and independent wrestling. Sadly, I can’t tell you about this team because I haven’t seen them live or on tape. However, the vibe from everyone in attendance last year seems to be that they were among the most impressive teams in it. So if you missed last year’s tournament, get hype for them this year, because they have chips on their shoulders and want to win the whole damn thing after getting so close last year.

The Ancient Order of the Nations joins Team Pump (Jordynne Grace, Petey Williams, and Scott Steiner) in this year’s King of Trios tournament, to be held October 4-6 at the Goodwill Beneficial Association in Reading, PA. Tickets are on sale now.