OVW Women’s Champion Cali Young[May 12th, 2018]The first time…

OVW Women’s Champion Cali Young
[May 12th, 2018]

The first time that Cali Young tasted championship gold was in May of 2017, when she defeated her real-life best friend Madi Maxx in a Loser Leaves Town Match with the title on the line. Young’s first championship reign lasted 49 days before she’d be dethroned, with the title being vacated the following August. The next champion to be crowned would be Jaylee, the now-former Women’s Champion who reigned for over 250 days and took out multiple challengers. With the women’s division heating up as the months lead into the Summer, several new challengers have made their presence known, including Cali Young, who defeated Jaylee at the May Saturday Night Special to become a 2-time OVW Women’s Champion.