NJPW Destruction in Kobe Results: Tetsuya Naito vs Jay White for the IWGP Intercontinental Title

NJPW Destruction in Kobe Results
September 22, 2019


A battle of the Dojo Grandpas with the four Young Lions not competing in the final two tournament matches. The two legends started things out, and it was interesting watching them work through basic sequences, and then seeing the Lions immediately incorporating variations of those sequences – only much faster – into their work. Coughlin has the look of a young, slightly bulkier Prince Devitt and came off great here. Tsuji ended up getting the win with a Giant Swing into the Boston Crab on Coughlin, bringing the hold back to the center of the ring twice to get the submission. Nothing new here, but a solid 10-minute opener.

2. CLARK CONNERS (8) def. REN NARITA (10) in a Young Lion Cup Match

As you might expect, lots of basics here with some gorgeous chain grappling and amateur-style takedowns. How many ways can you work a headlock and/or wrist lock? We’ve really found out during this tournament, and I mean that in the best way possible. Lots of impressive fireman’s carry throws while maintaining wrist control from Conners, working his opponent’s arm when possible. Eventually they graduated to throwing heavy shops back and forth, and then forearm strikes. Narita nearly got it with a quick dropkick and a belly-to-belly suplex, but Conners caught him with a spear and locked in the Boston Crab to win. Good stuff.

3. KARL FREDERICKS (12) vs. SHOTA UMINO (10) in a Young Lion Cup Match

Lots of early pin attempts from both guys before Fredericks realized he was fighting a losing battle and locked in a headlock. Umino kept on with lots of dropkicks and quick pin attempts, and at one point rolled into a cross armbar out of nowhere. That nearly got it, but Fredericks barely managed to get in the ropes. Umino almost got it again with a stunning German suplex bridge, but it still wasn’t enough. Finally Fredericks comes alive with a back suplex right on the neck, delivers a big spinebuster and locks in a single-leg crab. Umino nearly gets to the ropes but he pulls it back to center, stomps away at the back of his head and applies the hold even deeper to win.

And with that, a surprise win from both of the U.S. Dojo boys here at Kobe World Hall, with Karl Fredericks taking home the 2019 Young Lion Cup.


Honma hit an early Kokeshi, but it just pissed off Bad Luck Fale even more than usual and he cleaned house taking out everybody. Honma made the mistake of trying to lift the big man and got squashed. Eventually Makabe was able to chip him down to size and take Fale off his feet after a half dozen shoulder tackles and a lariat. Henare tagged in and did his own version of the Forever Clotheslines on the other two guys, but Owens caught him with the Package Piledriver to win.


Liger led the charge on Suzuki-Gun before the match even started, leading to a wild brawl with the rest of the competitors fighting all around the arena. The bell technically rung at one point, but I don’t think it mattered. Suzuki broke a chair over Liger’s head and set up a table in the corner. He tried to rip off the mask again but Liger kicks him in the balls and… he takes his own mask off! KISHIN LIGER IS HERE! The demonic final form of the Beast God sprays poison mist into Minoru’s eyes and then drops the referee for good measure. He grabs a metal spike and charges the corner, but Suzuki rolls out of the ring and the spike actually goes through the table. The members of Suzuki-Gun gather and escape to the back, while Kishin Liger continues to take out everyone – Young Lions, officials, and even his own partners as he rampages through the arena and finally takes his leave.


This started slow but the second half was excellent. Lots of moving pieces. Early on there was a lot of Big Tom Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI trying to get some revenge on GoD after their tag team title loss earlier in the tour. On top of that you have tension between Ishii and KENTA coming off their Royal Quest title match, plus Ospreay’s upcoming IWGP title match against ELP and all their drama in recent months, and in case all that wasn’t enough, Roppongi 3K have been trying to push themselves into a heavyweight tag program with the champs. So needless to say, tensions were high. Once Ospreay tagged in around the halfway point the pace totally changed. He had a great sequence with Phantasmo and even got in a few double team moves with Big Tom in a new duo I didn’t know I need more of until right now. Lots of nearfalls with GoD doing everything to put away Roppongi, including hitting SHO with a Magic Killer. YOH made the save and rolled up Tanga Loa out of nowhere to win.

Everyone went crazy for Roppongi 3K beating the champions for a second consecutive major show, having just done it Kagoshima as well. GoD attacked them after the bell and used kendo sticks to send a message. Looks like our King of Pro-Wrestling title match to me!


Loud dueling chants for Okada and SANADA at the bell, so close that referee Red Shoes couldn’t say who won the exchange. EVIL ended up manhandling Eagles for a few minutes until Ibushi got the hot tag, and the two beat the absolute hell out of each other. EVIL’s chops got the better of the Golden Star’s kicks and he hit a big splash in the corner, struggled forever to hit Darkness Falls but Ibushi nailed him with a spin kick to the forehead nearly knocking him out. Okada and SANADA tagged in and did their thing. The champ took it to him with lariats and a shotgun dropkick, but couldn’t hit the Tombstone and EVIL returned to make the save. Okada at one point completely whiffed a dropkick, which may be a first. I’d say the best part of the match was actually the exchanges between Eagles and SANADA – they’d have a really great match together if allowed. In the end SANADA made him tap out to the Skull End after all three LIJ members dropkicked him at the same time.


This was exactly what you’d expect. Two incredibly similar athletes – right down to the look, attire and even the moveset in some cases – beating the absolute stuffing out of each other for a little over 20 minutes. This reminded me of some of the really great 2015-16 hoss fights over the NEVER title. If you saw their battle in the block finals of the G1 last month, I don’t know if this was better but it was probably just as good. Goto kicked out of everything thrown at him including some nasty headbutts, Welcome to Japan and the Pumping Bomber. Shingo kicked out of multiple GTRs and Ushigoroshis. In the end they traded huge lariats, bouncing off each other, then traded headbuts until Goto was able to hit a modified Ushigoroshi, followed by another GTR to win an incredibly hard-fought battle.

9. JAY WHITE def. TETSUYA NAITO (c) to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Naito refused to take his opponent seriously for the majority of the match. He took an eternity just getting to the ring, then an even longer time to take off his 3-piece suit while White just glared at him in the corner. Things started slow with some good offense on both sides that eventually spilled outside, with White hitting a powerbomb onto the edge of the ring in the first really big spot of the match. They traded some nasty forearm strikes until collapsing, until an errant strike from White accidentally took out the referee. Gedo attacked the champ with a steel chair and White hit the Kiwi Krusher for two-and-a-half. He couldn’t hit Bladerunner so instead just stomped Naito’s face about a dozen times. Gedo got back on the apron, but Naito ended up using him as a kickpad to hit a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. They went back and forth looking for finishers over and over again, with Naito kicking out of a Dragon suplex and another Kiwi Krusher, and White kicking out of Gloria and even the Destino. After another rapid trade of counters, White finally hit the Bladerunner to win!

After the match, the new Intercontinental Champion got on the mic and asked the fans why they were all leaving. He continued to mock Naito and did the Los Ingobernables gimmick where he listed off every single member of Bullet Club, “y White, nosotros Bullet Club fa- fa- life!”  Some of the crowd popped for this, while others booed him. He talked about ending Naito’s destiny and bringing in the new era of the Switchblade, until…

Hirooki Goto marched to the ring fresh off a big win over Shingo Takagi. White was screaming at him that he refused to allow his moment to be stolen, and that he refused to defend the title against him. Goto just decked him and the two brawled until Gedo pulled White from the ring and the two left up the ramp, screaming obscenities. Goto got on the mic and said that he beat Jay once already, and after tonight he might feel like doing it again, and becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

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WALTER Challenges KUSHIDA to Find Tag Team Partners & Meet Him in the Ring

In case you missed it, this past week’s huge two-hour live debut of WWE NXT on the USA Network saw the arrival of WWE United Kingdom Champion and Austrian powerhouse WALTER, and his faction of international stars.

The group collectively known as Imperium consists of Alexander Wolfe, formerly a member of Sanity, as well as Germany’s Marcel Barthel and Italian Superstar Fabian Aichner. All four made their presence felt on Wednesday at Full Sail University, before coming face-to-face with former New Japan junior heavyweight ace KUSHIDA.

WALTER is featured in a new backstage interview, which you can check out below, where he challenges KUSHIDA to find two partners and meet Imperium in a six-man tag team match on the upcoming two-hour edition of WWE NXT.

It’s unknown at this time who KUSHIDA might find to help him out as he heads into battle. It’s maybe worth mentioning that he teamed with Jordan Myles (fka ACH) for a few live events earlier this summer, including one against Imperium members Aichner and Barthel.

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The Miz & Maryse Welcome 2nd Baby Madison Jade Mizanin to the Family

WWE Superstars The Miz and Maryse Mizanin have welcomed their second child into the world. Baby Madison Jade Mizanin was born on Friday, September 20 at 8:02 AM, weighing 7 pounds and 15 ounces (3.8 kg).

This is the happy couple’s second child after the birth of Monroe Sky in March 2018. The first season of the family’s hit reality series Miz & Mrs. was heavily focussed on the birth of Monroe and the two learning how to be parents for the first time. The series was just picked up for a second season.

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Big Fatal 5-Way Match Set for WWE Raw, Seth Rollins to Defend Universal Title on ‘Season Premiere’

WWE has announced a big Fatal 5-Way match for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, in order to determine who will be challenging Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship next week on the Sept. 30 edition of the show.

Participating in the match will be U.S. Champion AJ Styles, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions Robert Roode, the high-flying sensation Ricochet, and the legendary Rey Mysterio.

WWE is referring to the Sept. 30 edition of Raw as the “season premiere” to coincide with the Fall television schedule. What’s interesting about them spending time promoting another world title match is that Rollins is already slated to face The Fiend at Hell in a Cell for the Universal Championship.

That match takes place just 6 days before the pay-per-view, and 4 days before the Smackdown debut on FOX, where Brock Lesnar will be challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

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Former Ring Ka King Champion Returns to Action on Impact Wrestling, Havok Literally Murders Su Yung (Videos)

Havok Literally Murders Su Yung

We have seen Impact Wrestling literally kill off characters, but this time one actually came back from the dead… Friday night’s all-new episode saw Jessicka Havok battle Su Yung, eventually leading to a backstage segment where she hung her over a stairwell using an actual noose.

Later in the show Yung was shown in the hospital being treated by doctors when she flatlines, and they are unable to save her. Until… she mysteriously comes back to life about 30 seconds later.

Mahabali Sheera Returns to Action

In case you missed it, Mahabali Sheera returned to Impact Wrestling last week and aligned himself with Gama Singh and the Desi Hit Squad. The former Ring Ka King Champion defeated Cody Deaner in his first match back with the promotion in a little over two years.

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Kylie Rae Returns to Action Tonight at Freelance Wrestling in Chicago

Kylie Rae returned to action tonight, subbing in for Shotzi Blackheart in her match against Isaias Velazquez at Freelance Wrestling in Chicago.

Kylie wrestled a Fatal 4-Way match at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view back in May, and had what was believed to be her farewell to the indies with Freelance on June 14.

On August 31 immediately following AEW All Out, also in Chicago, Tony Khan informed members of the media that she had requested and been granted her release from the promotion, effective immediately.

Publicly, the reason for her sudden departure remains unknown, but a fan who attended tonight’s Freelance show live noted to us that she seemed “elated” and “overcome with emotion” at times, especially after the match. Fans reportedly gave her a tremendous welcome home, and it was a great moment for everyone.

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WATCH: Santana & Ortiz Celebrate w/ Impact Roster After Farewell Match

Santana and Ortiz said farewell to Impact Wrestling this Friday night on a brand new episode, wrestling one final match against friends Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

The former world tag team champions are of course on their way to All Elite Wrestling, but in story they were written off Impact television after suffering a loss to The North two weeks ago, where LAX put their jobs on the line against the titles, coming up short.

Following their farewell match against Swann and Mack this week, Santana and Ortiz were joined by nearly the entire locker room. Dozens of stars filled the ring to celebrate with one of the best tag teams in the world.

While they will not be using the name “LAX” going forward, Santana and Ortiz are expected in AEW immediately. They appeared at ALL OUT over Labor Day weekend in Chicago, following the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers ladder match, and there has been a ton of speculation about them being Chris Jericho’s mystery partners on the debut episode of AEW TV on TNT.

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